Event Results

Event Results

RISE 3 Results - 1/13/18

Another great night for Jiu Jitsu enthusiast as RISE Invitational took center state. 

Visit New York Fighting for a full recap and photo gallery. See below for undercard results:

Results by New York Fighting

Image by Angelo Carchesio

-Mike Elshamy (Madama BJJ) defeated Chris Cope (Team Extreme/Monster BJJ) by heel hook
-Aldo Oranville (BK MMA) defeated Ash Elbanna (Lionheart MMA) by heel hook
-Zach Maslany (10th Planet Bethlehem) and Jesus Malaga (Madama BJJ) fought to a 6-minute draw
-Mateo Martinez (Matteo BJJ) defeated Dave Oliveira (Marcelo Garcia) by kneebar
-Drew Hooper (Renzo Gracie NYC) defeated Jon Potts (Monster BJJ) by heel hook
-Sam Micale (Tai Kai BJJ) defeated Jared Torres (Tiger Schulmann’s) by heel hook
-Adam Collarile (914 Krav Maga) and Mike Sullivan (Serra BJJ) fought to a 6-minute draw
-Daniel Hernandez (Renzo Gracie Bronx) defeated Ceasar Munoz (Tiger Schulmann’s) by heel hook
-Kevin Smith (Budokan Martial Arts) and Greg Schiller (LAW MMA) fought to a draw in a gi match
-Andy Segovia (Tiger Schulmann’s) defeated Jon Ritter (LAW MMA) by straight foot lock
-Nick Fiore (Gracie Barra NHP) defeated Mike Casill (Alpha Omega) by twister