Sell out crowd again at Combat at the Capitale for it’s 44th installment. The venue reached max capacity as fans had to be turned away at the door.

Those that were able to get in saw professional kickboxing, amateur kickboxing along with amateur MMA at its best.

Great fights but every bout was evenly matched. Lou says as the promoter and matchmaker, he doesn’t’ care who wins, he cares about evenly matching fighters. Then and only then will they grow and thats the purpose of competition and how you develop from it. You either win or you learn.

Winners from this earned the right to compete at Lou Negia’s Combat at Madison Square Garden on December 6th.

Thanks to the great camps that participate in my events, the talented fighters, the fans for their continued support, my staff, and the ISKA officials who did a great job as always. Headed by ISKA president Corey Shaffer and New York ref in attendance was Tom Sconza.



Sean Mitchell vs Mike Lopez (winner Michell via TKO)

Ann Serra vs Caroline Wei (winner Serra via UD)

Josh Mayer vs Joshua Valle (Mayer by TKO)

Anna Maldonado vs Sophia Mirabella (winner Mirabella via UD)

Hafiz Abohamzy vs Elijah Adouflaza (winner Elijah via UD)

Javier Sing vs Chrissen Mcauley (Chrissen via UD)

Brian Parpan vs Martuny Nazaryan (Brian via SD)

Austin Halik vs Adam Snyder (Snyder via UD)

Tim Collery vs Dj Billera (DJ via UD)

Ricardo Jimenez vs Ruben Morales (Jimenez via UD)

Brandon Sweetman vs Angel Escobar (Escobar via TKO)

Justin Montalvo vs Latham Harmon (Montavlo via RNC)

Pro Kickboxing
Harry Jermain vs Malik Blake (Blake via UD)

Pro Kickboxing
Jason Lee vs David Meskhoradze (David via UD)

Amateur MMA Champiohship
Richard Pabon vs Danny Ramirez (Ramirez via TKO)

Pro Kickboxing / Co-Main Event (International Kickboxing Championship
Jennie Nedell via Jacqueline Ayala (Jennie via UD)

Pro Kickboxing Main Event
Rich Schaffer vs Brandon Cuttino (Schaffer via UD)