Event Results

Event Results

ROC came back with a BANG and now has its sights on the international scene!

In a packed house at the Showboat in Atlantic City, ROC put on a clinic with its seventy-third installment. Featuring one championship bout and one title eliminator, ROC lived up to his expectations of having great fights with the return of making great fighters. This fight card featured great fighters from US and Chile. 

During this night, executives from Chile were in attendance for ROC and structured a deal with Lou. We can officinally announce, ROC is going international by the end of the year!

Our next show is scheduled for October 22 at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ. Don’t miss this night as new MMA stars are sure to emerge. This card will feature three championship fights as well as an exciting undercard. Tickets will be available at TicketMaster, the ROC site, the Tropicana box office or from your favorite fighter. The best fighter of this night will receive all expense paid round-trip for ROC’s first Chile event. 


Chris Alcala vs Kareem Kline; Kline wins via SD

Ricardo Jimenez vs Michael Fitzroy; Fitzroy wins via UD

Damion Nelson vs Rakim Thorpe; Nelson wins via SD

Mike Ahearn vs Alex Brown; Ahearn wins via UD

Victor Valenzuela vs Thomas Powell; Powell wins via disqualification

Cristian Lopez vs Nick Rodrigues; Rodrigues wins UD

Armando Gjetja vs Yanal Admuz; Admuz wins via KO

Dylan Mantello vs Felipe Diaz; Mantello wins via KO

James Gonzalez vs Jeff Lentz; Gonzalez wins via UD

Ring of Combat 71 results - February 21 2020

Ring of Combat did it again! Great fights with another sell out crowd. ROC 71 featured two championship fights with one super-fight. 

I would also like to say that the main event between Buzukja vs Dooling was one of the greatest Ring of Combat fights ever. Both fighters wanted it but this night belonged to Buzukja as he is the new ROC champion. And though Buzukja walks out with the belt you can’t deny Dooling’s greatness! The are no losers. This is why ROC has over 129 fighters that went on to the UFC with four becoming champions.

See below for results (by My MMA News) and photos (by Angelo Carchesio).


Dennis Buzukja defeats Tim Dooling via UD

Troy Green defeats John Ramirez via UD

Joe Pyfer defeats Chase Gambell via TKO round 2

Lenny Rufati defeats Devon Mosley via TKO round 2

Efren Escareno defeats Danny Ramirez via SD

Alex Brown defeats Mike Ahearn via guillotine of round 2

Shamidkhan Magomedov defeats Nick Willey via TKO round 2

Justin Moltavo Doug Lobasso via KO round 1

Mike Gonzalez defeats Andrew Salas via UD

Combat at the Garden 2 Results - December 6, 2019


Another one in the books as a packed-house of kickboxing fans were in attendance for Combat at the Garden! Thanks to all the fighters who competed and the fans who always support.

Our next kickboxing event is scheduled for February at the Capitale and the talented fighters from that card will return in June back at the Garden.

Check below for Full Results (provided by New York Fighting
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Sal Nicchitta vs Daniel Kotlyaskiy Draw

Anthony Micucci vs Argo Kostanyan Draw

Wendy Elsworth vs Nicole Perkins Cancelled

Carlos Torres (W) vs Ruben Morales (L) Majority Decision

Tyrese Cunningham (W) vs Mardon Hakimov (L) Unanimous Decision

Josh Myers (L) vs Mansher Munch Khera (W) Unanimous Decision

Brian Parpan vs Abner Morales Draw

Pat Altinbasak (W) vs William Alomar (L) TKO 38s Round 3

Pablo Gomez (L) vs Michael Carim Jr (W) TKO 1m 11s Round 1

Josh Carender (L) vs Angel Rodriguez (W) TKO 1m 8s Round 2

Garvin Mitchell (L) vs Anthony Dilemme (W) TKO 2m 26s Round 1

Jon Fox (W) vs Jeremy Garcia (L) Unanimous Decision

Aly Franco (W) vs Meredith Connolly (L) Split Decision

Julio Garcia Carlos (L) vs Christian Mcauley (W) Unanimous Decision

Jonathan Bray (L) vs Robert Varricchio (W) TKO 2m 49s Round 1

Christopher Pino (L) vs Elijah Abouelazm (W) TKO 1m 30s Round 1

Ana Maldonado (L) vs Sophia Mirabella (W) Unanimous Decision

Jason Lee (L) vs Mike Misa (W) TKO 2m 3s Round 3

Walter Howard Jr (L) vs Pat Carrol (W) Split Decision

Darius Davis (L) vs Sherwood Abdullayev (W) Knockout 2m 34s Round 1

Dejuan Davis (L) vs Rick Schaefer (W) Unanimous Decision

Amanda Ginski (L) vs Jennie Nedell (W) Split Decision

Melvin Ramos (W) vs Maurepaz Auguste (L) Unanimous Decision

Nicky Burgos (L) vs Jonathan Dibella (W) TKO 2m 36s Round 3

Ring of Combat 70 Results - November 23, 2019

Another packed house at Ring Of Combat this past Saturday November 23 at the Showboat Hotel Atlantic City. Great fights including upsets, knockouts and submissions. All live on UFC Fight Pass giving ROC fighters the great exposure they deserve. Lou feels many of these fighters are on their way to the UFC.

Don’t miss the next ROC February 21 live on UFC Fight Pass at the Tropicana Atlantic City. See what fighter from ROC gets that big call!

Lou is very proud of the ROC alumni which include 129 fighters getting to the UFC with successful careers and four of them becoming world champions; Eddie Alvarez, Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar, and Matt Serra.

Fight Results below. Provided by New York Fighting

Photos by Angelo Carchesio

Jhonoven Pati (W) vs Joseph Pyfer (L) Submission 47s Round 2

Ryan Cafaro (L) vs Tim Dooling (W) Submission 1m 55s Round 3

Joe Riggs (W) vs George Sullivan (L) TKO 2m 8s Round 3

William Calhoun (L) vs Dennis Buzukja (W) Knockout 2m 26s Round 1

Justin Richwine (L) vs James Lawson (W) TKO 22s Round 1

Travis Foster (L) vs Ryan Patrovich (W) Unanimous Decision

Troy Green (W) vs Lirim Rufati (L) Knockout 27s Round 1

Anthony Newton (W) vs Charlie Campbell (L) Unanimous Decision

Chase Gambell (L) vs Thomas Powell (W) Unanimous

Chike Obi (L) vs Mike Ahearn (W) Unanimous Decision

Combat at the Capitale 44 Results - September 20 2019

Sell out crowd again at Combat at the Capitale for it’s 44th installment. The venue reached max capacity as fans had to be turned away at the door.

Those that were able to get in saw professional kickboxing, amateur kickboxing along with amateur MMA at its best.

Great fights but every bout was evenly matched. Lou says as the promoter and matchmaker, he doesn’t’ care who wins, he cares about evenly matching fighters. Then and only then will they grow and thats the purpose of competition and how you develop from it. You either win or you learn.

Winners from this earned the right to compete at Lou Negia’s Combat at Madison Square Garden on December 6th.

Thanks to the great camps that participate in my events, the talented fighters, the fans for their continued support, my staff, and the ISKA officials who did a great job as always. Headed by ISKA president Corey Shaffer and New York ref in attendance was Tom Sconza.



Sean Mitchell vs Mike Lopez (winner Michell via TKO)

Ann Serra vs Caroline Wei (winner Serra via UD)

Josh Mayer vs Joshua Valle (Mayer by TKO)

Anna Maldonado vs Sophia Mirabella (winner Mirabella via UD)

Hafiz Abohamzy vs Elijah Adouflaza (winner Elijah via UD)

Javier Sing vs Chrissen Mcauley (Chrissen via UD)

Brian Parpan vs Martuny Nazaryan (Brian via SD)

Austin Halik vs Adam Snyder (Snyder via UD)

Tim Collery vs Dj Billera (DJ via UD)

Ricardo Jimenez vs Ruben Morales (Jimenez via UD)

Brandon Sweetman vs Angel Escobar (Escobar via TKO)

Justin Montalvo vs Latham Harmon (Montavlo via RNC)

Pro Kickboxing
Harry Jermain vs Malik Blake (Blake via UD)

Pro Kickboxing
Jason Lee vs David Meskhoradze (David via UD)

Amateur MMA Champiohship
Richard Pabon vs Danny Ramirez (Ramirez via TKO)

Pro Kickboxing / Co-Main Event (International Kickboxing Championship
Jennie Nedell via Jacqueline Ayala (Jennie via UD)

Pro Kickboxing Main Event
Rich Schaffer vs Brandon Cuttino (Schaffer via UD)

Ring of Combat 69 Results - September 13 2019

Another packed house witnessed a great night of spectacular MMA bouts. Technical submissions, devastating KO’s, there was something for everyone at ROC 69.

Fans continually tell me this “this was the best show ever!” I appreciate that but I also want to attribute that to the great fight camps we work with, great matchmaking, and the enthusiastic fans that always support Ring of Combat. It’s a joint effort that makes this all possible

Ring of Combat 70 takes place November 23rd.

RO 69 Fight Results by New York Fighting below:
Images by: Angelo Carchesio


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Matthew Foster (L) vs Jospeh Pyfer (W) TKO 1m 7s Round 1
Matt Probin (L) vs Tim Dooling (W) RNC Submission 2m 48s Round 3
Anthony Facchini (L) vs Andrew Salas (W) Unanimous Decision
Troy Green (W) vs Lirim Rufati (L) Unanimous Decision
Jimmy Lawson (W) vs Edwin Smart (L) TKO 3m 7s Round 2
Wilson Ndregjoni (L) vs Andrew Johnson (W) RNC Submission 46s Round 3
Dennis Hughes (L) vs Dylan Mantello (W) Unanimous Decision
Keali Kanekoa (W) vs Manny Flores (L) Knockout 38s Round 1
Mateo Maldonado (L) vs Efrain Escareno (W) Unanimous Decision

Ring of Combat 68 Results - May 31 2019


ROC a promoters dream again!


The Tropicana Showroom was the place to be this past Friday. Entertaining bouts, a super fight, and a championship fight for a vacant title because again, Dana white picked up an ROC title holder.

Lou would like to thank Dead Serious, his loyal staff, ROC fans and the fighters that gave it their all and had great moments and memories for life. 

Also, thanks to UFC Fight Pass for airing live the main card and airing the undercard on video on demand. To date, ROC has sent over 130 fighters to the UFC with four becoming world champions (Edgar, Serra, Weidman and Alvarez). No other promotion can make such a claim.

ROC 69 takes place September 13th at the Tropicana Showroom. Let’s see who gets the next UFC call!

ROC 68 results by New York Fighting

Photos by AngeloJ_89

1 Victor Azeredo def Zac Krulikowski 
1st round guillotine

2 Taneisha Tennant def Despina 
Karavas - 1st round k.o.

3 Nazim Sadykhov def William Dill
1st round k.o.

4 Charlie Campbell def Cody 
Zappone - split decision

5 Anthony George def Mat 
Caracappa - split decision

6 Edwin Smart def Terrance Jean 
Jaques- split decision

7 Nick Rodriguez def Jerome Mickle 
unanimous decision

8 Kanat Tassybay def Mike Gonzalez
1st round k.o.

9 Lirim Rufati def Jimmy Drago
1st round k.o.

10 Joe Pyfer def Elijah Ghobile 
2nd round t.k.o.

11 George Sullivan def Thomas Powell
Unanimous decision

12 Frank Buenafente def John De 
Jesus - unanimous decision (title

Combat at the Garden Results - April 20 2019

Results for Combat at the Garden below:

Results and photos courtesy of New York Fighting and Angelo J Photography


1. Ed Dingleding vs. Patrick Clark

WIMP 2 Warrior – Combat Jiu Jitsu rules – 2×2

Decision – Draw

2. Brandon Sim vs. Mark McQuigan

WIMP 2 Warrior – Combat Jiu Jitsu rules – 2×2

Mark McQuigan Wins by Majority Decision

3. Savvas Tserkizidis (Striking 101) vs. Bryce Nieves (Tiger Schulmanns)

Teenage Bout – Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 2×2 – 185 lbs

Decision – Majority Draw

4. Paula Verdino (Longo Comp Team) vs. Sarah Rayo (Sundo Ma)

Amateur Kickboxing – Low Kicks – 2×2 – 121 lbs

Paula Verdino wins by Majority Decision

5. Melvin Lucas (Striking 101) vs. Theo Cohen (Fusion)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 135 lbs

Theo Cohen wins by Unanimous Decision

6. Ashley Manjarres (Longo Comp Team) vs. Carolina Scarpa (Animal)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 127 lbs

Ashley Manjarres wins by Unanimous Decision

7. Rose James (Striking 101) vs. Sofia Mirabella (Tiger Schulmanns)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 120 lbs

Sofia Mirabella wins by TKO at 1:23 of Round 2

8. Mario Romero (Striking 101) vs. Mansher “Munch” Khera (Tigher Schulmanns)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 175 lbs

Mansher “Munch” Khera wins by TKO at 1:40 of Round 3

9. Austin Halik (Longo Comp Team) vs. Brett Pastor (Animal)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 165 lbs

Brett Pastor wins by Unanimous Decision

10. Yulia Guseva (Lions Fight) vs. Rachel Baker (Tiger Schulmanns)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 132 lbs

Rachel Baker wins by Unanimous Decision


11. Pat Carroll (No Limits) vs. AJ Hardaway (Mendez Boxing and Kickboxing)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 230 lbs

Pat Carroll wins by KO at 2:59 of Round 1

12. Mark Glover (Team Lionheart) vs. Phillip Hawes (Tiger Schulmanns)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 205 lbs

Phillip Hawes wins by KO at 2:51 of Round 1

13. Jason Markland (Kai Next Level MMA) vs. Iskander Usmonov (Lions Fight)

Pro Kickoxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 183 lbs

Jason Markland wins by Split Decision

14. Sebastian Corral (Dago Vega) vs. Malik Blake (Tiger Schulmanns)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 165 lbs

Malik Blake wins by TKO at of 2:01 Round 1

15. TITLE FIGHT for Vacant ISKA East Coast 127 lb Championship

Dejaun Mishael Davis (Domino Gym) vs. Jonathan DiBella (DiBella Kickboxing)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 127 lbs

Jonathan DiBella wins by Unanimous Decision

16. Jason Lee (Renzo Gracie / Inner G) vs. Brandon Cuttino (Tiger Schulmanns)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 158 lbs

Brandon Cuttino wins by Unanimous Decision

17. TITLE FIGHT for Vacant ISKA East Coast 135 lb Championship

Dwayne Holman (MK Muay Thai) vs. Zarrukh Adashev (Lions Fight)

Pro Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×3 – 135 lbs

Zarrukh Adashev wins by TKO at 2:01 of Round 1


18. Ernie Orozco (Striking 101) vs. Ruban Morales (Maxum BJJ and Kickboxing)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 137 lbs

Ernie Orozco wins by Split Decision

19. Diego Jagessar (Striking 101) vs. Jeremy Sanchez (Evolution Muay Thai)

Amateur Kickboxing – Muay Thai Rules – 3×2 – 137 lbs

Diego Jagessar wins by Unanimous Decision

20. Ricky Edwards (Fusion) vs. Carlos Anton (Tiger Schulmanns)

Amateur MMA – 3×3 – 150 lbs

Carlos Anton wins by Split Decision

21. Brandon Joza (Striking 101) vs. Sherzod Abdullayev (Lions Fight)

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 140 lbs

Sherzod Abdullayev wins by Unanimous Decision

22. Garvin Mitchell (Go USFC) vs. Justin Muslija (Tiger Schulmanns)

Amateur MMA – 3×3 – 150 lbs

Justin Muslija wins by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:36 of Round 1

23. Mike Misa (No Limits Kickboxing) vs. Angel Rodriguez (Tiger Schulmanns) 

Amateur Kickboxing – Glory Rules – 3×2 – 175 lbs

Mike Misa wins by Unanimous Decision

Ring of Combat 67 Results - February 22, 2019

In typical fashion, it was another SOLD OUT event this past Friday night when #ROC67 invaded New Jersey’s world famous Tropicana Showroom. Fight fans got to witness MMA at its finest when the best fighters along the east coast and mid-west made the trip to Atlantic City to showcase their talents to those in attendance. Lou Neglia knows once again, UFC stars were revealed on this night. So much so, he personally sent a text message to UFC boss, Dana White with one message; take ROC champs Algeo and Caracappa as they are more than ready for the next level.

We’d like to thank the fighters, teams, and fans for making this night possible.

Fight results below along a few images. More photos to come this week.

Bout 1

David Meskhoradze vs Troy Green; Winner Green via UD

Bout 2

Chris Disonell vs Matthew Turnbull; Winner Disonell via UD

Bout 3

Dominick Biondo vs Mario Hernandez; Winner Hernandez via RNC round 2

Bout 4

Travis Foster vs Lirim Rufai; Winner Rufai via UD

Bout 5

Whittany Pyles vs Gabriella Gulfin; Winner Gulfin via UD

Bout 6

Mike Gonzalez vs Paul Grant; Winner Grant via UD

Bout 7

Shaquan Moore vs Dennis Buzukia; Winner Buzukia via UD

Bout 8

Jermey Puglia vs Thomas Powell; Winner Powell via TKO round 3

Bout 9

Giorgi Kudukhashvili vs Andrew Salas; Winner Kudukhashvili via UD

Bout 10

John Sweeney vs Phil Caracappa; Winner Caracappa via KO round 3

Bout 11

John De Jesus vs Will Algeo; Winner Algeo via RNC round 2

Combat at the Capitale 43 Results - February 8, 2019



This past Friday February 8 was a great Combat at the Capitale event featuring Kickboxing and MMA! This was the highest attended show in Combat at the Capitale history! I want to thank all of the staff who kept the show moving at a great pace, the elite camps who sent their talented fighters to compete, the fighters who put on tremendous performances, as well as all of the fans who consistently support my shows. There was great electricity in the arena and it was a great night of competition that I am very proud of. See below for results and photos:

Rob Varricchio def Samandar Usmonov via decision
Jennie Nedell def Martyna Krol via decision
Iskandar Usmonov vs Keenan Childer- EXHIBITION
Dylan Mantello def Justin Walker via TKO
Danny Ramirez def Shammel Findley via TKO
Charlie Campbell def Brian Mayer via TKO
Myles Johnson vs Alberto Borgwardt- MAJORITY DRAW
Justin Muslija def Tristan Mizrahi via submission
Damion Nelson def Ricky Edwards via decision
Sherzod Abdullayeu def Kyle McMillian via decision
Mansher Munch Khera def John Rugg via TKO
Austin Halik def Vincent Pagnotta via decision
Sophia Mirabella def Celine Perez via decision
Carlos Anton def Sam Burns via submission