I am humbled and grateful with another sold out, successful event this past Sunday. This has been the norm for four decades of promoting kickboxing and MMA events!

I want to thank the top martial arts schools on the circuit today that continuously bring their top fighters to participate in my events!!
They will have the opportunity to fight in my upcoming Madison Square Garden (date TBD) and my upcoming Ring of Combat events
Serra BJJ
Team Tiger Schulman
Lions MMA
Bellmore Kickboxing
Boleyn MMA
Legends MMA
Club Spartakus Rzeszów
Vega Kickboxing & MMA
Black Lion MMA
Secca Fire MMA
AB Martial Arts
I always want to give a special thanks to my sponsors
Lengends – Joe Spinelli
Dynamic Build
Lombardi Pizzeria
Benson Hurst Construction & Roofing
Star Labs
Goosehead Insurance
University of Health & Spiritual
Everlasting Eyepiece
Eastern Martial Arts Supplies
Shoreline Reality
Tony & Luigi’s Wood
Special Thanks to ISKA Officials headed by Chris Wagner.
Special thanks to my staff and the venue staff!
My upcoming events are as follows:
– 12/1 Ring of Combat Pro MMA at the Tropicana, NJ
– Jan (TBD) Combat at the Space Long Island featuring kickboxing, and MMA
– 3/1 ROC Pro MMA at the Tropicana in NJ
– Spring 2024 (TBA) Madison Square Garden
– 9/20 ROC MMA at the Tropicana, NG
– 10/20 Combat at the Space featuring kickboxing and MMA
– 12/6 ROC Pro MMA at the Space
Here are the results and images from the last Sundays, October 15th event. All fighters pushed the button and brought their ‘A’ game! It’s going to be my pleasure to put them in championship fights and also in my Madison Square Garden event and Tropicana Atlantic City events.
Callaway Treble defeats Conor Kurtz via UD
Thomas Fitzsimons defeats Dilovar Balaev vis UD
Anthony Capichana defeats Daniel Kurtz via TKO
George Mihelakis defeats Carlos Alatorre via UD
Otabek Musing defeats Izia Barnes via UD
DJ Tirellis defeats Javier Cabezas vis UD
Zachary Siemasko defeats Robbie Schulz via UD
Jordan Depomar defeats Izaiah Lexis via UD
Everton Champagne defeats Thomas Smyth via UD
Thomas DiGennaro defeats Darius Lancaster via UD
Vamir Emile defeats Yusuf McCall via KO
Donald Arana defeats Ben DeCrenza via UD
Gilbert Rosario defeats Jordan Drayton via TKO
Marcus Reid defeats Nathaniel Tumbling via KO
Elijah Sampson defeats Patryk Wilk via KO
Irakli Ghvinjilia defeats Gustavo Loayza via UD