Another packed house witnessed a great night of spectacular MMA bouts. Technical submissions, devastating KO’s, there was something for everyone at ROC 69.

Fans continually tell me this “this was the best show ever!” I appreciate that but I also want to attribute that to the great fight camps we work with, great matchmaking, and the enthusiastic fans that always support Ring of Combat. It’s a joint effort that makes this all possible

Ring of Combat 70 takes place November 23rd.

RO 69 Fight Results by New York Fighting below:
Images by: Angelo Carchesio


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Matthew Foster (L) vs Jospeh Pyfer (W) TKO 1m 7s Round 1
Matt Probin (L) vs Tim Dooling (W) RNC Submission 2m 48s Round 3
Anthony Facchini (L) vs Andrew Salas (W) Unanimous Decision
Troy Green (W) vs Lirim Rufati (L) Unanimous Decision
Jimmy Lawson (W) vs Edwin Smart (L) TKO 3m 7s Round 2
Wilson Ndregjoni (L) vs Andrew Johnson (W) RNC Submission 46s Round 3
Dennis Hughes (L) vs Dylan Mantello (W) Unanimous Decision
Keali Kanekoa (W) vs Manny Flores (L) Knockout 38s Round 1
Mateo Maldonado (L) vs Efrain Escareno (W) Unanimous Decision