In typical fashion, it was another SOLD OUT event this past Friday night when #ROC67 invaded New Jersey’s world famous Tropicana Showroom. Fight fans got to witness MMA at its finest when the best fighters along the east coast and mid-west made the trip to Atlantic City to showcase their talents to those in attendance. Lou Neglia knows once again, UFC stars were revealed on this night. So much so, he personally sent a text message to UFC boss, Dana White with one message; take ROC champs Algeo and Caracappa as they are more than ready for the next level.

We’d like to thank the fighters, teams, and fans for making this night possible.

Fight results below along a few images. More photos to come this week.

Bout 1

David Meskhoradze vs Troy Green; Winner Green via UD

Bout 2

Chris Disonell vs Matthew Turnbull; Winner Disonell via UD

Bout 3

Dominick Biondo vs Mario Hernandez; Winner Hernandez via RNC round 2

Bout 4

Travis Foster vs Lirim Rufai; Winner Rufai via UD

Bout 5

Whittany Pyles vs Gabriella Gulfin; Winner Gulfin via UD

Bout 6

Mike Gonzalez vs Paul Grant; Winner Grant via UD

Bout 7

Shaquan Moore vs Dennis Buzukia; Winner Buzukia via UD

Bout 8

Jermey Puglia vs Thomas Powell; Winner Powell via TKO round 3

Bout 9

Giorgi Kudukhashvili vs Andrew Salas; Winner Kudukhashvili via UD

Bout 10

John Sweeney vs Phil Caracappa; Winner Caracappa via KO round 3

Bout 11

John De Jesus vs Will Algeo; Winner Algeo via RNC round 2