This past Friday February 8 was a great Combat at the Capitale event featuring Kickboxing and MMA! This was the highest attended show in Combat at the Capitale history! I want to thank all of the staff who kept the show moving at a great pace, the elite camps who sent their talented fighters to compete, the fighters who put on tremendous performances, as well as all of the fans who consistently support my shows. There was great electricity in the arena and it was a great night of competition that I am very proud of. See below for results and photos:

Rob Varricchio def Samandar Usmonov via decision
Jennie Nedell def Martyna Krol via decision
Iskandar Usmonov vs Keenan Childer- EXHIBITION
Dylan Mantello def Justin Walker via TKO
Danny Ramirez def Shammel Findley via TKO
Charlie Campbell def Brian Mayer via TKO
Myles Johnson vs Alberto Borgwardt- MAJORITY DRAW
Justin Muslija def Tristan Mizrahi via submission
Damion Nelson def Ricky Edwards via decision
Sherzod Abdullayeu def Kyle McMillian via decision
Mansher Munch Khera def John Rugg via TKO
Austin Halik def Vincent Pagnotta via decision
Sophia Mirabella def Celine Perez via decision
Carlos Anton def Sam Burns via submission