Another one in the books as a packed-house of kickboxing fans were in attendance for Combat at the Garden! Thanks to all the fighters who competed and the fans who always support.

Our next kickboxing event is scheduled for February at the Capitale and the talented fighters from that card will return in June back at the Garden.

Check below for Full Results (provided by New York Fighting
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Sal Nicchitta vs Daniel Kotlyaskiy Draw

Anthony Micucci vs Argo Kostanyan Draw

Wendy Elsworth vs Nicole Perkins Cancelled

Carlos Torres (W) vs Ruben Morales (L) Majority Decision

Tyrese Cunningham (W) vs Mardon Hakimov (L) Unanimous Decision

Josh Myers (L) vs Mansher Munch Khera (W) Unanimous Decision

Brian Parpan vs Abner Morales Draw

Pat Altinbasak (W) vs William Alomar (L) TKO 38s Round 3

Pablo Gomez (L) vs Michael Carim Jr (W) TKO 1m 11s Round 1

Josh Carender (L) vs Angel Rodriguez (W) TKO 1m 8s Round 2

Garvin Mitchell (L) vs Anthony Dilemme (W) TKO 2m 26s Round 1

Jon Fox (W) vs Jeremy Garcia (L) Unanimous Decision

Aly Franco (W) vs Meredith Connolly (L) Split Decision

Julio Garcia Carlos (L) vs Christian Mcauley (W) Unanimous Decision

Jonathan Bray (L) vs Robert Varricchio (W) TKO 2m 49s Round 1

Christopher Pino (L) vs Elijah Abouelazm (W) TKO 1m 30s Round 1

Ana Maldonado (L) vs Sophia Mirabella (W) Unanimous Decision

Jason Lee (L) vs Mike Misa (W) TKO 2m 3s Round 3

Walter Howard Jr (L) vs Pat Carrol (W) Split Decision

Darius Davis (L) vs Sherwood Abdullayev (W) Knockout 2m 34s Round 1

Dejuan Davis (L) vs Rick Schaefer (W) Unanimous Decision

Amanda Ginski (L) vs Jennie Nedell (W) Split Decision

Melvin Ramos (W) vs Maurepaz Auguste (L) Unanimous Decision

Nicky Burgos (L) vs Jonathan Dibella (W) TKO 2m 36s Round 3