A frenzy sold-out crowd was on site to experience kickboxing at its best for Combat at the Capitale 38. Fighters from such as Connecticut, Virginia, North and South Carolina among others came to New York to put their skills to the test. Fans went crazy after the combatants showed tremendous heart and skill giving the fans their monies worth. The event can be seen on GFL.tv on demand

Please see below for results (provided by New York Fighting).


Anthony Lopez vs. Danny Ramirez:

Ramirez, winner by Unanimous Decision; ​30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

Iskander Usmanov vs. Garrett Williams:

Usmanov, winner by knockout; Round 2 at 58 sec.

Manny Collado vs. Phumi Nkuta:

Collado winner by majority
Decision; 29-28- Red, 29-28- Blue, 29-28- Red.

Yulia Guseva vs. Mia Inzerillo:

Inzerillo winner by majority decision; 30-26- Blue, 29-27- Blue, 28-28- Draw.

Angel Rodriguez vs. Raquane Alexander:

Rodriguez winner by unanimous decision ; All 3 judges 29-28.

Shannon Halstead vs. Andy Segovia:

Segovia winner by unanimous decision; 30-26 from all three judges.

Brad Scheiler vs. Mark Dubovoy:

Dubovoy​ winner by majority decision; 30-27-Red, 29-28-Red, 30-27-Blue.

Abraham Lastra vs. Joaquin Batista:

Bautista winner by majority decision; 29-28-Red, 29-28-Red, 30-27- Blue.

Andrew Ball vs. David Collins:

Ball winner by majority decision;29-28- Red, 29-28- Red, 29-28- Blue

Brandon Cuttino vs. Raul Gonzalez:

Gonzalez winner by unanimous
decision:29-28, 29-28, 30-27

Jennie Nedell vs. Oliva Loth:

Exhibition bout; No Score due to weight issue

Chris Lukusa vs. Avaz Achilov:

Lukusa winner by majority decision; 29-27- Blue, 29-27- Blue, 28-28- Draw.

Trevor Ragin vs. Justin “The Moose” Muslija:

Muslija winner by unanimous decision: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

Jenna “Savage” Serio vs. Sadee Monseratte Williams:

Williams winner by majority decision: 29-28- Blue, 30-27- Blue, 29-28- Red.

Main Event
David Moore vs. Zarukh Adashev:

Moore winner, 1st round: Bout stopped at 2:59 sec. due3 knock down rule.

* Justina Acruscato vs. ​Amenzee Omozuwa​—–​——​——​——​Fight cancelled due to fighter’s injury

Fight Coverage: Jacques Blain