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RISE Invitational 2 Results - 10/15/17


October 15, 2017

It was a night where grappling took center stage. Lou Neglia along with Matt Culley of New York Fighting brought their grappling tournament RISE to Long Island, NY. Quickly becoming one of the premier grappling tournaments around, RISE brought out the local grappling stars, professional MMA athletes and former / current UFC fighters. Check below for full list of results from this special night.


Youth Match

Fight 1 – Andre Alvarenga (Budokan BJJ) vs Cornelius Griffin (Budokan BJJ) – Draw

Undercard Match – 5 minutes

Fight 2 – Destiny Quinones (Kai Martial Arts) def. Jessica Ruiz (Alpha Omega) via triangle choke
Fight 3 – Lauren Braccia (LAW MMA) def. Victoria Lane (Commack MMA) via armbar
Fight 4 – Taneisha Tennent (Budokan BJJ) vs Diana Karavas (Dante Rivera BJJ) – Draw

Regular Undercard Match – 6 minutes

Fight 5 – Dom Biondo (Alpha Omega MMA) vs Sam Micale (Tai Kai Bjj) – Draw
Fight 6 – Andy Segovia (Tiger Shulmann’s) def. Jordan Gonzalez (Budokan BJJ) via ankle lock
Fight 7 – Dylan Rankin (LAW MMA) vs Ron Gilberti (Monster BJJ) – Draw
Fight 8 – Joshua Marsh (LI MMA) vs Sam Kusewich (LAW MMA) – Draw

Advance Undercard Match – 6 minutes

Fight 9 – Anthony Lopez (Warrior’s MMA) vs Mikey Waters (Vamos BJJ) – Draw
Fight 10 – Nick Panebianco (Alchemy BJJ) def. Kyle Cerminara (LI MMA) via heel hook
Fight 11 – Rob Degle (LI MMA) def. Estevison Carmona (Gracie Barra) via heel hook
Fight 12 – Joe Mammanelo (Dante Rivera BJJ) vs Matteo Martinez (Matteo BJJ) – Draw
Fight 13 – Frank Rosenthal (Renzo Gracie NYC) def. Sop Huh (Gracie Barra) via heel hook
Fight 14 – Marvin Lee (Long Beach Bjj) vs Chris Cope (Monster BJJ) – Draw


Pete “Drago” Sell (Serra BJJ) vs Joe “Diesel” Riggs (Legion MMA) – Draw
Aljamain “Funkmaster” Sterling (Serra BJJ) vs Sergio “The Savage” DaSilva (Shaolin BJJ) – Draw
Jason Rau (Serra BJJ) def. Chris Schlesginer (Soca BJJ) via heel hook

8 Man 155lb EBI Rules Tournament

Round 1

Fight 1 – Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) def. James Haseman (Alchemy BJJ) via rear naked choke
Fight 2 – James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) def. Nicolas Gallucio (Soca BJJ) via triangle choke in overtime
Fight 3 – Ashure Abana (Dante Rivera BJJ) def. Adam de Oliveria (Gracie Barra New Hyde Park) via submission overtime win
Fight 4 – Nick Manela (Gracie Barra Princeton) def. Adam Collarile (914 Training Center Nova Uniao Hawaii) via fastest escape time

Round 2

Fight 1 – James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) def. Asure Abana (Dante Rivera BJJ) via choke
Fight 2 – Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) def. Nick Manela (Gracie Barra Princeton) via rear naked choke


Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) def. James Gonzalez (Serra BJJ) via choke


ROC 61 Results - 11/17/17

November 17, 2017

Results by: New York Fighitng / Photos: Angelo Carchesio

The Tropicana Showroom in Atlantic City was the place to be for MMA action as Lou Negli'a Ring of Combat in association with Dead Serious MMA brought an intense card back to the east coast. Bill Algeo defeated a very game Tim Dooling to carry ROC gold around his waist. The main event saw former TUF vets Julian Lane and Jeff Lentz square for the ROC welterweight title. See below for full fight night results.






Title Fights

Bill Algeo defeats Tim Dooling via TKO (ref stoppage) in round 2

Julian Lane defeats Jeff Lentz via Split Decision

Main Card

Alex Oliveira defeats Samad Mobley via Submission (armbar) in rnd 1

Manny Flores defeats Kendrick Harris via KO (headkick/knee) in rnd 2

Tim Sylvester defeats Sambet Naimanbayev via Unanimous Decision

Mike Lawrence defeats Joe Schick via KO (knee) in rnd 3

Gregory Styles defeats Whitney Jean-Francois via TKO (dr stoppage in between rnd 1 & 2

Phil Caracappa defeats Nathan Trepagnier via TKO in rnd 3

Tevin Cooke defeats Jack Cordero via Submission in rnd 2


Capitale 40 Images

THE CAPITALE FIGHT 4-13 It was another packed venue at the Capital as Combat at the Capital returned with its 40th installment. Not only where some of the best kickboxers in the house but a whose-who of combat sport athletes where in the building. From Pete Drago to Randy Brown and Julio Arce to Jon DiBella among many others were in the house to witness stand up action at its best. What also made this night so special was the fact that winners will go on to compete at GLORY December 1st at Madison Square Garden. See below for more images from this memorable night! THE CAPITALE FIGHT !!!-6 THE CAPITALE FIGHT 4-16 THE CAPITALE FIGHT 5-10 THE CAPITALE FIGHT 5-62 THE CAPITALE FIGHT 3-53

ROC 60 Results - 9/15/17


Another spectacular night of mixed martial arts took place at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Lou continues to raise the bar in MMA matchmaking as tough fights make great fighters and ROC 60 proved just that. No losses just lessons as this night featured KO's, submissions, head kicks, etc. Now ROC has 5 new champions! See below for results and championship images.

Results and Images by New York Fighting 






Mike Trizano vs. James Gonzalez
Trizano wins unanimous decision in three rounds all three judges 30-27 30-27 and 29-28

Ahmed Samirvs. Eric Roncoroni
Samir wins via KO at 0:11 of round one

Taj Abdul Hakim vs. Willie Hosch
Abdul Hakim wins via KO at1:21 of round one

Anthony Giacchina vs. Stephen Regman
Regman wins via KO at 2:49 of round one

James Quigg vs. Alex Keshtov
Keshtov wins via KO at 2:54 of round one

135 – Phil Caracappa vs, Brandon Urquijo
Caracappa wins split decision in three rounds 29-28 29-28 and 28-29

145 – Kenny Foster vs. Tim Dooling
Dooling wins split decision in three rounds 29-28 29-28 and 28-29 Proenza

145 – Phil Doig vs. Joe Schick
Schick wins unanimous decision in three rounds 29-28 29-28 and 30-27 Tirelli

157 – Nekruz Mirkojaev vs. Jerome Mickle
Mirkojaev wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-26 Tirelli 30-27 Krawiec and 29-28

145 – Sodik Ismoilov vs. Pampos Grigoriou
Ismoilov wins unanimous decision in three rounds all three judges 30-27

265 – Alex Myers  vs. Edwin Smart
Myers wins unanimous decision in three rounds 30-27 30-27 and 29-28

GLORY 43 Results - 7/14/17

It was a great night of stand up action when the world’s premiere kickboxing promotion, GLORY, came to New York’s World Famous, Madison Square Garden, this past Friday, July 14th. A very energetic crowd witnessed many of the best stand up fighters participate on this action packed night.

Lou Neglia is very proud to be working with the GLORY team for the next three years and winners from October 13th's Combat at the Capitale will again get to compete for GLORY Kickboxing when they come back to New York on December 1st.

Results listed below.

Photo credit: You Bin




Jennie Nedell def. Chantal Perry by unanimous decision

Zarrukh Adashev def. Mateo Maldonado via unanimous decision

Jonathan di Bella def. Lennox Chance via unanimous decision

Guto Inocente def. Benjamin Adegbuyi by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Kevin Vannostrand def. Giga Chikadze by unanimous decision (30-26×3) – featherweight tournament final

Elvis Gashi def. Josh Jauncey by TKO (three knockdowns). Round 2, 2:59

Kevin Vannostrand def. Mo Abdurahman by TKO (two knockdowns in one round). Round 1, 1:52 – featherweight tournament semifinal

Giga Chikadze def. Aleksei Ulianov by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) – featherweight tournament semifinal

Pavel Zhuravlev def. Saulo Cavalari by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-28) – for interim light heavyweight title

Bailey Sugden def. Arthur Sorsor by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Joe Taylor def. Ariel Sepulveda by TKO (three knockdowns). Round 2, 2:55

Anissa Meksen def. Jady Menezes by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Itay Gershon def. Rafal Dudek by unanimous decision (30-27×3)

Chenchen Li def. Terrance Hill by knockout (overhand right). Round 1, 1:45

ROC 59 Fight Results - 6/2/17

ROC 59 Group Image


Merab Action Image

Sidney Belt Image

Sidney Outlaw Action Image

Julio Arce Action

It was another action packed night that had fans jumping out of their seats when Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat came back to the Tropicana Showroom in Atlantic City, New Jersey with its 59th installment. Lou Neglia and the ROC assembled a top-notch 11 bout fight card including five title fights.

By now you may have heard the news Dana White was in attendance for ROC 59 along with Matt Serra and Gian Villante with their web series, “Looking For A Fight,” where White and company travel the country visiting different fight promotions in search of new talent for the UFC. If it’s talent they’re looking for, they came to the right place. Ring of Combat has distinguished itself as one of the UFC’s top feeder organizations on both a national and international level with over 120 fighters going on to compete inside The Octagon.

For second time, Dana saw first hand the talent that comes out of ROC as he recruited Merab Dvalishvili and Sidney Outlaw to the Octagon with a third high on the radar, Julio Arce.

Full results of ROC 59 below:

265 lbs. TITLE

Brendan Barrett vs. Shelton Graves

Graves wins via tap due to kimura at 2:34 of round two

145 lbs. TITLE

Tim Dooling (130-837) vs. Julio Arce (101-875)

Arce wins via unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 30-27

135 lbs. TITLE

Raufeon Stots (138-231) vs. Merab Dvalishvili (128-855)

Dvalishvili wins via KO spinning backfist at 0;15 of round one

155 lbs. TITLE

James Rumley vs. Sidney Outlaw

Outlaw wins via tap due to rear naked choke at 4:18 of round one

135 lbs. TITLE

William Elliott vs. Brandon Urquijo

Elliott wins unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 29-28

145 lbs.

Eddie Lenoci vs. Mike Trizano

Trizano wins via TKO referee stoppage due to punch at 0;34 of round two

170 lbs.

Wendell Sneed vs. Tajuddin Abdul-Hakim

Abdul-Hakim wins via unanimous decision in three rounds 29-28

140 lbs.

Andrew Salas vs. Dom Biondo  

Salas wins via tap due to rear naked choke at 3:57 of round two

145 lbs.

Michael Lawrence (142-751) vs. James Gonzalez (147-350)  

Gonzalez wins via unanimous decision in three rounds 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27 Holland

142 lbs.

Tevin Cooke vs. Paul Grant

Cooke wins unanimous decision in three rounds, all three judges 29-28


Chris Stanton vs. Edwin Smart

Smart wins at 2:06 of round one via verbal tap due to americana




Battle of the Millennium 4 - 5/12/17




It was another energetic night for those who were lucky enough to get tickets ahead of time for Battle of the Millennium 4. A sold out crowd witnessed the best stand up fighters show  they are among the best in the world and now they'll have their chance to prove why they belong. The winners in the professional bouts will all bring their talents to GLORY 45 in July.

See below for results:







GLORY Jessica Ruiz Anastasia Bruce TKO 3rd 1:47
GLORY Raquanne Alexander Chris Pagnotta Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Angel Rodriguez Gary Mack KO 1st 1:59
MMA Manny Flores Marcus Chin Sub: Armbar 2nd 1:45
GLORY Amir Abduraimov Steven Lee Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Damion Nelson Alex Stine Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Mohammed Saidi Simon Isaac TKO 2nd 2:00
GLORY Mike Casill vs. Jerral Womack Draw 3rd 0:00
LK Mia Inzirillo Yulia Guseva Majority Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Danny Ramirez Diego Jagessar Majority Decision 3rd 0:00


GLORY Jonathan DiBella Pampos Grigoriou Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Malik Blake Pantelis Porfyropoulous TKO 1st 1:33

Battle of the Millennium Title Defense

GLORY Jennie Nedell Maria Soledad Zapata Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00
GLORY Zarrukh Adashev Lennox Chance Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00


Results: WKA

Photos above by Matt Culley of New York Fighting

Photos below by Samad Haq





Ring of Combat 58 Results - 2/24/17

Article / photos: New York Fighting


Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat 58 took place last night at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, and it provided the packed house with a full night of exciting fights.  A stacked undercard finished with a great war, with Brandon Urquijo winning by unanimous decision. The main card showcased the grappling prowess of both James Gonzales and Pat Sabatini, with both fighters winning by submission in the second round. Then the crowd was treated to 3 title fights, all of which delivered on their promise to entertain. Merab Dvalishvili displayed his high level wrestling and grappling, controlling the entire match and winning the ROC Bantamweight championship in the 2nd round via Straight Arm Lock. Next up, Sidney Outlaw showed similar wrestling and grappling dominance by controlling all 3 rounds of his welterweight title fight to win a unanimous decision. Finally, the night culminated with an epic rematch between Frank Buenafuente and Julio Arce. These two guys continue to show why they are at the top of their division, and they always deliver for their fans. They had another high paced fight with all aspects of MMA involved, and in the end, Julio Arce defended his  ROC Featherweight Championship winning in the 3rd round via Rear Naked Choke.




Preliminary Bouts
155 lbs; Travis Foster (Driven Gym) vs. Nick Fiore (Bellmore Kickboxing Academy/Scarola BJJ) – Nick Fiore wins unanimous decision.

170 lbs; High McKenna (Long Island MMA) vs. Wendell Seed (Carnicella MMA) – Wendell Sneed wins Unanimous Decision

155 lbs; Sambet Naimanbayev (Dante Rivera BJJ) vs. Jerome Mickle (Striking 101) – Jerome Mickle wins Majority Decision

140 lbs Dom Biondo (Alpha Omega Team Believe) vs. Brandon Urquijo (Brooklyn MMA) – Brandon Urquijo wins Unanimous Decision

Main card
145 lbs James Gonzales (Serra Longo Fight Team) vs. Tevin Cooke (MMA Institute) – James Gonzalez wins 2nd Round via Triangle Choke

145 lbs Mike Lawrence (MMA Institute) vs. Pat Sabatini (MPR Endurance) – Pat Sabatini wins 2nd Round via Rear Naked Choke

175 lbs Willie Hosch (Team R.O.C) vs. Mike Elshamy (Madama Jiu Jitsu) – Willie Hosch wins Unanimous Decision

Title Fights
135 lbs Sukhrob Aydarbekov (Brooklyn MMA) vs. Merab Dvalishvili (Serra Longo Fight Team) – Merab Dvalishvili wins ROC Bantamweight championship 2nd Round via Straight Arm Lock

170 lbs Tajuddin Abdul-Hakim (Team Black Spartan) vs. Sidney Outlaw (Driven Gym/Ricardo Almeida BJJ) – Sidney Outlaw wins ROC Welterweight Championship Unanimous Decision

135 lbs Corey Simmons (Demolition) vs. Ricky Bandejas (Nick Catone MMA) – Fight postponed Due to Injury

145 lbs Frank Buenafuente (Carnicella MMA) vs. Julio Arce (Tiger Schulman’s MMA) – Julio Arce wins ROC Featherweight Championship 3rd Round via Rear Naked Choke

Combat at the Capitale 39 Results - 1/20/17


Check out the results from last weekends Combat at the Capitale 39.

Kris Anders over
Brandon Joza
Unanimous Decision

Rebecca Bryggman over
Jessica Ruiz

Ed Smart over
Dami Ojopowerson

Mike Doherty over
Raquane Alexander
Unanimous Decision

Jamie Butcher vs
Justina Abruscato

Justin Muslija over
Brian Canals
Unanimous Decision

Robert Varricchio over
Anthony Dilemme
Majority Decision

Brian Mayer over
Andy Segovia
Unanimous Decision

Millenium Title Defense
Jennie Nedell over
Anna Shearer
Unanimous Decision

Brandon Cuttino over
John Salgado
Majority Decision

Zarrukh Adashev over
Lennox Chance
Unanimous Decision