Ring of Combat 83 exploded with an intense night of fights this past Friday at the Tropicana Showroom. The crowd were on their feet from the opening bell as they cheered on for their favorite fighters. Many fighters made their mark and are no doubt making their presence known in the MMA community. It has always been a pleasure of mine to give fighters the platform needed to pursue their passion and make it to the UFC. I have no doubt that many fighters from ROC 83 will soon joining the great 165 ROC alumni who made it the UFC with 6 becoming world champions!
I would like to thank the fight camps, Tropicana staff, the New Jersey Athletic Commision, my staff for their continued hard work and the fans that continually support Ring of Combat. You continue to pack the showroom with sell out crowds. I am eternally grateful for support over the years.
RESULTS and Images Below:
Main event ROC 170 lb championship
Itso Babulaidze(5-0) winner via TKO (punches) :17 of round 1 vs Josh Jackson
Co-main event ROC 145 lb championship
Roman Kurashvili (7-4)winner via UD vs John Caldone
Jimmy Drago (5-2) winner via TKO punches :35 of round 2 vs Myles Robinson (170 lbs)
Ashiek Ajim (7-3)winner via SD vs Nodir Alidodov (135 lb)
Justin Montalvo (6-2)winner via UD vs Brett Pastore (160 lbs)
Austin Coleman winner via TKO (punches) vs Billy Markle 1:06 of round 1 (140 lbs)
John O’Dea (2-1) winner via UD vs Harley Locklear (145 lbs)
Chris Guariglia (4-2) winner via UD vs Brendan Hyde (155 lbs)
Jonathan Alvarez (1-1) winner via UD vs Ronald Barone (155 lbs)
Ahmed Khamis (2-2) winner via UD vs Coke Cameron (140 lbs)
Marcus Reid (1-0) winner via SD vs Ty Mees (135 lbs)