Ring of Combat XXXI: Complete Results: Sep 24, 2010

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Wow, what a night of fights!  Chris Weidman, who wrestling ability is already legendary, showed that he can bang with the best of them by knocking down Uriah Hall with a left hook and then finishing him with ground and pound strikes.  Weidman, who remains undefeated at 3-0, looked like a monster in there and you can bet he's going to be added to the list of ROC fighters who have gone on to the UFC. 

Here are the official results.

185 Title
Chris Weidman (105-388) vs. Uriah Hall (107-859)
Weidman 185.5. Hall. 184
Ref Miragliotta
Weidman wins via TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered punches at 3:06 of round one.

155 Title
Luis Azeredo (117-094) vs. Mikhail Malyutin (103-675)
Both fighters are 155
Ref Miragliotta 
Malyutin wins unanimous decision three rounds, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Crosby. 

125 Title
Jessie Riggleman (102-073) vs. Louis Gaudinot (101-887)
Riggleman 126 Gaudinot. 125.5
Ref Peterson 
Gaudinot wins via guillotine at 4:43 of round one.

Main Card
Main Card is Three Four Minute Rounds (no extensions if a draw) 

Joseph Aviles (108-593) vs. Mike Medrano (105-673)
Aviles 159.5. Medrano. 160
Ref Miragliotta 
Aviles wins via KO at 0:52 of round two.

Doug Gordon (101-009) vs. Rich Ashkar (105-596)
Both fighters are 171
Ref Miragliotta 
All three judges score the bout 29-28 after three rounds for winner Ashkar.

Jacob Kirwan (105-548) vs. Marcos Pereira (105-172)
Kirwan. 146. Pereira. 145.5
Ref Peterson
Pereira wins unanimous decision three rounds 30-26 Crosby, 30-27 Rodriguez and 29-28 Bilyk.

James Frier (110-036) vs. George Sullivan (105-669)
Both fighters are 171
Ref Peterson 
Sullivan wins at 2:24 of round one via TKO referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes.

Preliminary Card
Prelims. are Two Four Minute Rounds ( with one four minute extension round in the event of a draw) 

Steve Edwards (116-852) vs. Hazim Ibrahim (106-501)
Edwards 204. Ibrahim 203
Ref Peterson 
Edwards wins via rear naked choke at 2:31 of round one.

Villi Bello (106-514) vs. Dave Church (105-858)
Bello. 155. Church 155.5
Ref Peterson
All three judges 19-19 after two rounds so goes to third round.
Church wins via rear naked choke at 2:34 of round three.

Tom Velasquez (100-232) vs. Tom DeBlass (106-968)
Velasquez 203. DeBlass. 205
Ref Miragliotta 
DeBlass wins via TKO referee stoppage from unanswered strikes at 0:50 of round two.

Scott Fairlamb (116-381) vs. Mike Andrillo (108-033)
Fairlamb. 203.5. Andrillo. 202
Ref Miragliotta 
Andrillo wins via guillotine at 1:33 of round two.

Evan Chmielski (103-582) vs. Ryan Castillo (101-640)
Chmielski. 139.5. Castillo. 140
Ref Peterson 
All three judges 19-19 after two rounds so goes to third round.
Chmielski wins split decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29 Rodriguez.

Yusuf Yoldas (113-486) vs. Christopher Wing (102-980)
Yoldas 171. Wing. 170.5

Ref Miragliotta 
Wing wins via KO punch at 1:20 of round one.


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